Indiana Casino Hiring Employees While Sands Is Firing Them

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Indiana Live Casino will soon be opening their new casino in Shelbyville, Indiana. In preparing for the opening the casino has announced they are about to hire over 300 employees to work at the casino.

That news is drastically different than what we reported about the Las Vegas Sands Corp. earlier today. Sands is in the process of laying off over 100 workers from their Las Vegas facilities.

Indiana Live has had their temporary casino open since June and they already have over 400 employees working at the casino. When they move to the permanent casino another 350 will be added. That will be over 700 jobs that will have been filled since the summer.

At a time when casinos around the country are slashing their payrolls, Indiana Live is expecting that business will be strong enough to warrant all of the new employees. Whether the economy makes them cut back in the future is yet to be determined.

The first year of operation for the new casino will have them paying out a lot of money to the state in fees. Shelby County, where the casino is located, will be getting around $5 million. The state’s Property Tax Reduction Fund will receive the most money, almost $45 million of the $74 million in taxes that will be collected.

Recession Forces Indiana Mayor To Consider Gambling Options

The recession is making lawmakers from all across the United States make some changes from their usual political strategies. many of these lawmakers are turning to casino gambling to try and recover some of the money needed to balance budgets.

The mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of these politicians. He is now claiming that some form of gambling expansion is a possibility to help with the city’s economy. It is a move that will draw much criticism from casino opponents.

Tom Henry says that it “would be irresponsible not to talk to individuals interested in potential gaming because of the revenue it could create to help us. Running the city requires us to constantly seek new ideas and new ways of doing things.”

What continues to be amazing is the way these same politicians that once dismissed the idea of expanded gambling are now embracing the idea. It is a phenomenon that only a tough economy could have created.

Some even believe that the recession will lead to casino gambling in every state and in bigger doses. “With the economy the way it is, states are being forced to find any revenue they can. Casino gambling is the best option on the table, and the expansion of casinos in the United States has only just begun,’ said observer Elliot Yblerly.

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