Ireland Newest Country To Consider Casino Gambling Regulations

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Casino gambling is growing extremely quickly around the world. It has the kind of momentum that will not be stopped. Many countries have accepted that, and have began to regulate the industry instead of outlawing it.

Ireland looks like it will be the next country to regulate casino gambling. New Justice For Justice Dermot Ahern has suggested that existing laws regarding casino gambling are, “past their sell-by date.”

The new minister will not act hastily. He claims that no decision will be made until the public was consulted and a cross-party agreement was in place.

The previous minister, Michael McDowell, proposed that there should be a shut down of the up to fifty clubs that have opened and are offering casino type games such as blackjack and roulette. Ahern disagrees, however.

“We are past the day when we can outlaw them. What we need to do is regulate them in a way that is fair,” said Ahern. Those are similar words to those that are coming out of American Representative Barney Frank’s mouth regarding the country’s online gambling stance.

A report has already been done on casino gambling by a Casino Regulatory Committee that was appointed by McDowell. Ahern has promised that the report would be published soon. No timetable has been set for the regulation of casino gambling as of yet.

Washington Pulls Plug On Candy Themed Lottery Gambling Tickets

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The Washington Lottery has the same troubling task as other state run lottery’s. They need to find innovative ways to get people to spend their gambling money.

The state lottery thought they had a strong marketing plan in place when they released their new candy themed lottery scratch off gambling tickets. It turns out the plan was not as strong as they thought.

The state pulled the plug on the new scratch off tickets after receiving complaints that they were targeting young children. The lottery claims that the intention was to lure adults, not children, to the games.

The tickets looked like wrapped candy bars such as Reese’s, Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, and Milk Duds. The move was to promote the tickets and the candy at the same time, but it backfired when people began to complain.

On February 10th, a letter was written to the lottery director that stated, “Because there may be little to no difference between marketing and advertising strategies directed at teenagers under 18, and those 18 and 19 years old, I ask that you refrain from using tools that entice those young adults to play.”

The lottery did not heed the warning, and now must scratch their plans for the new candy tickets. The lottery claims they were not targeting minors to play the candy scratch offs. “We want it clear that we develop games for adult customers,” said lottery spokesman, Jacque Coe.

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