Systems Cause Harrah’s Casino Misdemeanor Complaint

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When owning a business, there are many responsibilities in conjunction with being the boss. One of the disadvantages of being the boss is when something goes wrong, usually the blame lies with the owner.

This is the scenario that is facing Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. The company is in legal trouble due to their fire safety systems at three of their casinos in Las Vegas.

A misdemeanor criminal complaint has been filed against Harrah’s, claiming that workers have tampered with fire safety systems in the casinos. The complaint was filed on Wednesday in Las Vegas Justice Court.

The company has released a statement that claims they are making the problem their number one priority. They also said in the statement that they are working with Clark County officials to try and rectify the situation.

The complaint goes back all the way to June of 2004. That is when there were fire code violations. They also were cited for violations in December of last year at the Rio Hotel Casino, Flamingo Las Vegas, and Harrah’s Las Vegas.

The fire problems are not the only that Harrah’s has faced in the recent past. Two supervisors for the company were accused back in December of seventeen misdemeanor violations of building codes while Harrah’s and the Rio were undergoing renovations.

Lottery Winners End Up Divorced Claiming Money Cannot Buy Love

Winning the lottery does funny things to people. Some people go on huge shopping sprees, while others do not even cash the winning ticket until months after they win. One thing that is up for debate is whether the money can buy happiness.

For one couple from Wales, winning the gambling lottery did not make for a happy ending. They were elated three years ago when they won, but now their relationship has ended in a break up.

Craig Pope and Claire Owen were just struggling along trying to pay off credit card and student loan debt back in 2004. Then, on Christmas Eve of that year, Pope bought a gambling lottery ticket. The result of that gamble was that he won the lottery.

Even though he bought the ticket, he shared the winnings with Owen. The couple moved out of the house that they lived in, and bought a five bedroom house with a pool. They also upgraded their automobiles and went on a shopping spree. Life appeared to be great.

Now, three years later, the couple has separated. Although the split was amicable, it still shows that money cannot buy happiness. “We were happy when we were broke because we had each other and the baby. But everything changed after that,” said Owen.

She went on to say, “I can’t blame the lottery money for splitting us up, but people think that if you are rich then every day will be sunny. It’s just not like that.”

The couple has joint custody of their daughter, and still see each other, but they are no longer romantically involved.

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